Nonprofit Organizations

Investment Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

Looking for ways to diversify investment portfolios and potentially improve returns on investments?

To help nonprofits pursue their investment objectives, Align Wealth Advisors, offers a wide range of solutions. We are partnered with some of the leading names in the industry. Whether your organization is dealing with complex financial issues, or evaluating competing spending needs, we stand ready to work with you.


The five ways we can most help your organization in pursuing goals:

  • Portfolio construction- Establishing the components that will be necessary to pursue your goals and spending needs.
  • Risk management- Selecting tactical approaches that will seek to be pro-active during economic turmoil and market upswings, in order to potentially minimize losses and maximize growth. 
  • Manager selection- Screening money managers, for the quality of their people, philosophy, process, portfolio, and performance, while keeping an eye on ethics and long term stability.
  • Measuring success- Establishing a monitoring system that you can view online to track progress towards your goals and to determine if the selected money managers are still appropriate.


Nonprofit Organizations have specialized requirements that we understand. There are a variety of investments that nonprofit organizations can participate in.  If you would like a financial analysis, alternative investment strategies, more information on common risks and organization concerns or simply more information, please contact Align Wealth Advisors at 949-715-8585.