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Align Wealth Advisors, formally Nicholas Yrizarry Wealth Management Group, announces the company's new brand name and company mission. 


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LAGUNA HILLS, Calif.Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Align Wealth Advisors, formally Nicholas Yrizarry Wealth Management Group, announced today the company's new brand name and company mission.  The rebrand to Align Wealth Advisors was strategic, as it is symbolic of the lifestyle-based planning and investing services it provides its clients, helping them to "align" their personal values with financial plans.  This announcement coincides with a relocation of their office to 24031 El Toro Road, Suite 210, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.  The new website is and office phone number remains the same at 949-715-8585.  

Align Wealth Advisors was founded on the fundamentals of behavioral finance, a relatively new approach to modern financial planning. Through its unique values-centered approach to financial planning, Align Wealth Advisors works to create life-wealth balance through the development of reflective, comprehensive financial plans. By creating purpose-driven plans that delve into the "why" of their clients' financial behavior, the company helps clients avoid making emotional decisions as it relates to their money with the reassurances that each individual plan is built to meet their investing ideology, reflect their personal values, and is structured to withstand economic "what ifs" throughout retirement.

"Personal finance has long lacked the 'personal' part," stated Nicholas Yrizarry, President/CEO and Behavioral Financial Advisor™.  "Align Wealth Advisors begins by focusing on the individual in finance by taking clients through a values-centered planning exercise to determine what should be at the forefront of the financial planning process." It is this unique planning exercise that forms the foundation of the company's holistic planning style, often reminding clients of their true life goals and giving their advisor a more complete picture. "Values such as family, environment, flexibility, independence, religion and service are just a few of the philosophies clients can identify as priorities, which are essential for us to know when customizing an investment strategy for them."

Founded and led by Nicholas Yrizarry, a seasoned advisor with more than 30 years in the financial services industry, Align Wealth Advisors is comprised of highly experienced and independent advisors who share in the boutique agency's mission of offering fiduciary advice to align personal goals with financial plans. Yrizarry believes a boutique-style agency allows for deeper client-advisor relationships and a superior client service experience.  With the goal to simplify the financial lives of each and every one of its clients through comprehensive and coordinated investment and financial planning, the firm proactively accounts for and maintains all important areas of one's financial life including investments, estate, retirement, long-term care, healthcare, tax planning, philanthropic planning, college planning and small business owner planning, as needed.  The company is committed to regular communication with each of its clients as it serves as their "go-to" resource for all of their investment and wealth management needs. 

"Ultimately, what we're delivering to our clients is preparedness," explained Yrizarry.  "We want our clients to know that through the Align Wealth Advisors' process and services, they can have the confidence in knowing no matter what life throws their way, their financial plan is designed to stay the course. And we'll be there every step of the way."

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About Align Wealth Advisors
Align Wealth Advisors is a lifestyle-based planning and investment firm that works to help clients align their personal values with their financial plans. As an independent and boutique firm comprised of highly- experienced fiduciary advisors and led by Nicholas Yrizarry, it helps clients to simplify their financial lives through the development of comprehensive, coordinated investment and financial plans. As their clients' go-to financial resource, the firm ultimately delivers preparedness and the confidence of knowing that no matter what life throws their way, their financial plan is designed to stay the course. For more information, visit or call 949-715-8585.

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